OOA & Partners LOFTS. 2007 & 2008 OERF Champs, 2011,12,13 GRPA Champs, GPU Champs 2nd 2012, 1st 2013,1st 15,1st 16,1st 17. 9/10 SEASONS we won the Points.
WINBURG 2 OB GPU 2019...
WINBURG 2 YB GPU 2019...
Linebred SUPERBREEDER 810 TO IMSOMNIA AND CARCINOMA - Both Superbreeders. See Live Aucton Section outofafricalofts.co.za
Linebred SUPERBREEDER 810 TO IMSOMNIA AND CARCINOMA - Both Superbreeders. See Live Aucton Section outofafricalofts.co.za


ZA VPU 1331/18


* Sister to winners!
* Great balance!
*  Louvred wing!


Linebreeding to SUPERBREEDERS " CARCINOMA" and his nestmate sister " INSOMNIA"
"CARCINOMA" is Foundation cock for WITPEN HOKKE.
Sire to 1st Victorias Falls Final Race Winenr 2018 for WITPEN HOKKE.
Final  7th s/ race Allflite 2010 555 km velocity 919 mpm.
His son (Witpen 6), 05573/10  3rd ACE pigeon h/spots and main race 2011
His son 05679/11 silver medal winner best m/distance cock.
His g/s 9th final 2012 Summer challenge and 2nd Ace pigeon  (23) day birds.
He is g/s to OERF12/ 04143 (Fed winner) 520 km.
He sired OERF 04102/12 2nd Fed 564 km.
He also sired 14th H/S winner 2014.
G/Sire 4th final for Boshoffs 2014 Carnival Lofts.
He sired 04135 winner of Carnival o/b from Glen 4 minute ahead 2015.
He sired Gpu 02815/14 Fed winner and Derby winner  2015.- NOW SUPERBREEDER
These winners are bred with different partners..
Ggsire to  ZA 15409/15 - 1st SAPIR One-Loft race Final Winner 2016

BELG 4253810/07 " 810 - SUPERBREEDER BAK 17 "
One of the Best Breeding Grandsons of the Famous BAK 17 Couple in the World.

Sire to 10 Club Winners, 4 Combine Winners & 1st Ace Bird Long Distance PRPU 2010 in 2 seasons.
Sire to ZA 11583/07-1st Middelburg, 1707 d., 322 km. Hen., ZA 06953/08-1st Ladybrand 2, 394km, vel 1368,
ZA 06953/08-1st Dewetsdorp 2, 455 km, vel 1150 Hen,
ZA 20477/08-1st Smitfield Ope 529km, vel 1425 Hen-1st Ace Pigeon Long Distance 2011 PTA. A. Carelsen (x 24314 Sierens hen),
ZA 72332/07-Dam to 112th 2011 & 103rd 2012 SCMDPR.Also dam to ACE Pigeon Club H. Heyman- her children wins12 club races for him.A super breeder.
ZA GPU 12182/12 -1st Loft, 1st Club, Steynsrus, 194 km, vel 1190
ZA GPU 12399/12 -Club Winner - 1st Club,1st Div,35th GRPA Comb,O/B, Sburg, 607km, vel 1351
ZA 72333/07-1st Ace Bird Long Distance PRPU 2010, 3rd PRPC 2010, 5th Overall Ace Bird PRPC 2008 1st Jamestown Combine 2003 d, 618km, 4 minutes ahead!!!,
The SUPERBREEDER 810 x VAN RHYN CLOECK  lines have done very well in different One-Lofts and National Level for different fanciers. superbreeder 810 is grand and great grandsire to 6 different ONE LOFT FINAL RACE WINNERS!!
Grandsire to 1st National Ace Pigeon Long Distance 2018  -ZA10830/16
Gggrandsire to 3rd National Ace Pigeon Short Distance 2018 - ZA OERF 09788/16 - Also 1st Ace Middle & Overall Distances OERF 2018!!
Ggsire to 1st Ace Pigeon  Long Distance Carnival Club Competition 2018! , 7th Overall Ace 2018 -  ZA GPU 08399/17
1st Carnival Club Race Final Winner 2018, Victoria -West, 705km, vel 1165, Wins the race by 5 1/2 minutes break!! ZA GPU 08400/17
1st Klapmuts Western Cape Lofts 2013 Final.ZA GPU 12653/12
1st Victoria Falls One Loft Race Final 2018!!
1st BarZAlona Bakkie Race Winner A. Mills, bred by JBM Hertzog from OOALOFTS Tom Lock x SUPERBREEDER 810 BAK 17 Genetics.- SVPV 2101/16
1st Central Provincial Loft, Bloemfontein, 596km, vel 1132 &  & 4th 
Ace Pigeon Loft - ZA GPU 11445/15
1st Carnival Summer Race Final 2015 -Midland Lofts. ZA NIX 131/15
ZA 15409/15 - 1st SAPIR One-Loft race Final Winner 2016
2nd Klapmuts Western Cape Lofts 2013 Final -ZA GPU 11202/14
2nd Klapmuts Final 3 Sisters 500km, 1409 - ZA GPU 11461/15
2nd Carnival City Winter race Final 2017!ZA OERF 10463/16
2nd Ace Pigeon Winners Flight Lofts 2015 -  ZA GPU 11077/14
2nd Winner's Flight One-Loft Race Final 2015, Winner of R25 000 - ZA GPU 11128/14
3rd Winter Race Final 2017 ZA OERF 05683/16
4th Final Dinokeng, 2nd ACE 2013 Only 20 birds on the day- ZAPWF 3987/13
4th Bloemfontein Lofts Final Race. Bred by W. Terblanche - A SVPF 0531/13
4th Carnival Winter Race Final 2014 for Boshoff Family.
4th Final & 2nd Ace Pigeon Dinokeng for the BOSHOFFS
5th Allflight Summer Race 2015 for A. Carelsen- ZA 17399/14
6th Final Race Klapmuts Final 2016- 5th Ace Pigeon Klapmuts Lofts - ZA GPU 11375/15
6th Final Central Provincial Bloem Lofts, P Albert Rd,596km, vel 1132 -  ZA SVPV 2758/15 - bred by W Terblanche
7th Ace Pigeon Dinokeng 2014 -BIG BEN
7th Carnival Winter Final, 2nd Ace Pigeon 2015 -His son, ZA GPU 21932/11, SUPER RACER & SIRE TO ZA GPU 12161/14,
14th Place Prize Winner of R14 000 Final ZA GRPA 00635/12 "SUNNY BOY" -
14th Victoria-Falls Final - GJT LOFTS & Partners
18th Final Race Klapmuts Final 2016 - ZA GPU 11721/15
25th Klapmuts Final 2016 - 3 Sisters 500km, 1409 - ZA GPU 12156/15
42nd Klapmuts Final 2016 -3 Sisters 500km, 1389 - ZA GPU 11373/15
68th Klapmuts Final 2016 -3 Sisters 500km, 1345 - ZA GPU 11460/15
GGsire to SVPV 2199/16 - 2017 Entry SAPIR International One Loft Race for JBM Hertzog
2nd (Equal winner walked in second) Hot Spot 3 - 1.09.2017 - 1650.9394 m/min - 482 km
5th - Hot Spot 2 - BLOEMFONTEIN - 25.08.2017 08:45:00 - 1576.5140 m/min - 370 km
20th - VIRGINIA - 04.08.2017 - 1255.4490 m/min - 252 km
34th - THEUNISSEN - 11.08.2017 - 1485.3940 m/min - 300 km
46th Hot Spot 1 - Brandfort - 18.08.2017 08:15:00 - 1439.4080 m/min 346
NRHU 1218/13, Ace Pigeon Winner's Flight One Loft 2014.
ZA 39825/13, 4th Final Race Carnival City 2014 for THE BOSHOFFS.
2nd Ace Pigeon Carnival Lofts for Witpen Hokke 2015 - SANPO OERF 12161/14
 Brother to ZA GPU 15026/11 = ZA GPU 06979/13 - Sire to ZA SANPO 53832/14 - Bred and entered into Diaz Lofts By N. Phillips - 4th Ace Pigeon & race 7 Winner at Diaz Lofts 2015. Flew 5 xs in the top 10 out of the 10 races.
ZA OERF 01739/13-1st Hot Spot Winner Carnival Lofts
NRHU/D 0501/13 1st Hot Spot 1 Winner Winners Flight Lofts.
ZA SVPV 519/13 - 1st Club, 1st Fed, O/B, Williston, 569 km
ZA GPU 02815/14- Federation Winner for WITPEN HOKKE
 ZA GPU 12690/12 - Dam to 1st Club, 15th Fed, Vrede for Danny Bradshaw
SANPO OERF 12200/14 - 6th Ace Pigeon Carnival club 2015
ZA GPU 21932/11, SUPER RACER & SIRE TO ZA GPU 12161/14, 7th Carnival Winter Final, 2nd Ace Pigeon 2015
NHL 1039 17 -NHL1039/17 wen Natal Combine 370km.
ZA GPU 07374/12 - Dam to winners for her new owner, Neil Johnson. 337km, vel 1350 Aliwal North.
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Victoria Falls ONE LOFT RACE! Entries now accepted! Contact Jurie Erwee at JJJ LOFTS NOW to book your place in one of the world's most popular ONE LOFT RACES!! View
See our OTHER AUCTIONS SECTION. Pigeons for sale from Steven Fouche Lofts. Top performer selling his top bloodlines purchased over the years. Go to our HOME PAGE and scroll down to the bottom for OTHER AUTIONS View
ZA GPU 12089/15 - Son to MONSTER COCK M/D ACE X 17912 SHORT DISTANCE ACE, Dtr to GOLDEN CARELLY, is sire to ZA 82356/18, 2nd Dinokeng Super Turbo Race, the hardest of the season, Trompsburg, 555km,vel 1150, bred and reaced by A Bester. View
ZA CYRILS 4106/14 - DIRECT DAUGHTER GOLDEN CARELLY. Dam to winners and 2 x winner. A SUPER HEN, and direct daughter to SUPERBREEDER BELG 4018079/09, "GOLDEN CARELLY". Sire to 21 wins thus far. View
J Faulds & OOA LOFTS wins the GPU Middle Distance Young Bird Points & Y/B ACE Pigeon MD for the 2019 season. Congratulations to my Partner Jaco for all the hard work you put into our team!!! View
ZA GPU 04671/14 " CARELLY X SIS MISS JOICE " Direct daughter to GOLDEN CARELLY. She is a superbreeder of 2 x winner as well as a top breeder of SUPERBREEDERS, her first daughter sold is a SUPERBREEDER for Reon Engelke. View
J FAULDS & OOA LOFTS are currently 2nd GPU Overall Combined Points by 1 point with this line, 1st ALL BIRD AVERAGES GAUTENG COMBINE 600 MEMBERS. View
ZA GPU 6818/18 - 2nd Club, 2nd Div, 4th Union, Colesberg, 589km, vel 1175 - Bred and raced by J FAULDS & OOA LOFTS. The sire is full brother to 2nd CARNIVAL FINAL 2017. The dam is linebred R80 000 LEGEND LOCK COCK!! - SEE PEDIGREE View
ZA VPU 1471/18 - " BEST OF VRC X CARELLY " - 7th Club, 33rd VPUnion, Y/B, Colesberg, 499km, 1186. Not our best weekend in the VPU Club, but we are happy all factors considered. Our first bird hen is a real racing machine. SEE PEDIGREE View
Gister, 2019/03/08, het ons ons vader, Kiewiet O'Kelly aan die dood afgestaan. PA!! Jy was 'n legend, en ek gaan pa verskriklik mis. Rus in vrede aan die voete van die Here. LIEF PA ALTYD EN ALTYD!!! Dankie vir al die liefde, omgee en raad. L U DADS!!! View
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